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September 18, 2019

“So, What Are They Worth?” by Sharon L. Patterson

The carpenter went to the checkout counter with three bundles of unfinished wood he picked out of a pile of surplus lumber. 

Looking at the clerk he asked, “I can’t find a price on these anywhere. So, can you tell me what they are worth?”

“Well, replied the puzzled clerk, I really don’t know. You work with wood for a living, so, you tell me, what are they worth?”

“Not much now, but when I finish the table I plan on making, I’ll come back and ask you once more, so, what they are worth.”

The little boy rushed into his father’s study. Eyeing some blank paper laid to the side of his computer, the son asked, “Daddy, can I have a couple of sheets of that paper?”

With a gleam in his eye, the father said, “Certainly Son. If you can answer my question, “So, what do you think they are worth?”

“Why Daddy, nothing much right now, but when I finish drawing on them, I’ll bring them back and then I’ll ask you, “So, what are they worth?”

The elderly woman dug through the remnant trim and scraps of material in one of the bins of the craft store. The sign indicated that they were free. With careful examination, she finally settled on several pieces. 

Bagging them along with some thread the elderly woman purchased, the curious woman at the cash register asked, what do you plan to do with the remnants and scraps you picked out. “What are they worth to you?”

“Oh, I know they are free, but just you wait, I’ll bring back the quilt I will make with them, and then you can ask me that question again. “What are they worth?”

God Almighty looked down on earth. Eyeing the hundreds of thousands of people he turned to his son and said, “So, what are they worth?”

“Father, he replied, I think you and I have already decided the answer to that question. They are worth dying for!”

Sharon Patterson, retired educator, career military wife, and leader in women's ministry, has written inspirational encouragement in various forms from greeting cards to short stories, poetry, and Bible studies for over thirty years. She has authored three books and is a contributing author for several of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. She and her husband Garry live in Round Rock, Texas. They have three sons and five grandchildren.

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