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September 16, 2019

"Crazy Emotions" by Melissa Sturt

“But I don’t feel like doing that!” my child whined in my ear for the hundredth time. “That’s too bad...you have to do it anyway,” I replied.  As I said these words this particular time, I felt the good
Lord gently remind me that the same applies to me. Well, after feeling suitably corrected, I realized that we all have emotions that regularly go AWOL but that doesn’t give us an excuse to ignore God’s command of love.
Emotions come and go and are extremely fickle.  One minute we are ecstatically happy, the next we are morbidly sad.  We mustn’t fight these emotions, just observe them and feel them but don’t react to them.  It isn’t always easy.  

When someone has been unkind to us, emotions take over and we feel angry, hurt, indignant, etc.  The natural thing to do is to act according to them, but if this path is taken, it leads only to pain and frustration.  It will never produce good in our lives. One cannot fight fire with more fire. We are told in Romans 12:21 to overcome evil with good.  

A funny thing happens when we obey that verse...all of a sudden our emotions decide they agree with us after all and a deep joy surges up within us. This is the joy of the Lord and it is our strength (Nehemiah 8:10).  

Positive emotions can also be a potential trap.  We may have feelings of excitement and enthusiasm about a new project on which we have just embarked, only to lose interest and become bored with it after just a few weeks.  According to Galatians 6:9, if we want fulfillment in life, we must not grow weary or become discouraged in doing good; for at the proper time, we shall reap if we don’t give up.  

Another thing I have learnt from life...don’t expect yourself or others to not experience anger, sadness, frustration, happiness, excitement, etc.  We all have these emotions that have - by the way - been given to us by God Himself. They can be wonderfully glorious or incredibly horrid. The trick is to not live your life by them!    

Melissa Sturt lives in Queensland, Australia.  She is a 42-year-old mother of 3 home-schooled children aged 9, 11, and 14, and happily married to "my wonderful husband, Mat for nearly 19 years".  She says, She "love encouraging other women in my life and I would love my writing to do the same."

Melissa Sturt

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  1. Emotions can be hard to handle, and this piece is so encouraging and helpful. It really does all come back to God's love for us, which we need to share in the world. Thank you so much for sharing this great advice with the Hearth and Soul Link Party.