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August 30, 2019

"Wondering" by Susan Paulus

each piece begins the same
becoming what the artist decrees
clay onto still wheel
a foot starts the wheel spinning
centrifugal force
shaping begins
hands both gentle and firm
pull at the clay
fingers pinch lightly
smoothing edges
water lessening friction
he shapes his creation 

flaws large or small
removed as the artist works
tiny air bubbles cannot remain
pinholes cannot remain
flaws left uncorrected 
leave the piece useless
flaws explode in the fire

is the clay like me
wondering when this spinning will end
wondering how much pressure will be used
and when 
wondering if the potter knows
wondering when he is finished, am I ready for life
or death

Susan Paulus: My writing began as a prayer for some sanity in my life when I was raising children, sharing life with a husband who often didn't understand me and working a full-time job. That was many years ago, and I have recently been searching for a way to have some work published.  For two years I wrote for a small NWO publication called Living Today. It was rewarding to know that others might be blessed by what was written. I pray that continues through the ministry RUBY magazine.

"Wondering" appeared in the AUGUST 2019 Issue of RUBY

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