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July 24, 2019

"Six Sweet Strawberry Recipes" by Nina Newton

This year we are planting just ONE tomato plant (in a container on our deck), and a few strawberry plants in pretty hanging planters. Last summer I saw a cute hanging planter made from two white colanders that I thought would be really pretty filled with red impatiens . . . or strawberry plants. But it was the middle of the summer by that time, and I already had our yard and garden project finished for the year, so I decided I’d wait.
The other day we stopped into Tractor Supply to look for a power washer to get our deck cleaned up and painted. Right there, in the next aisle over from the power washers, was a shelf filled with fun yard and garden accessories. The first thing I noticed was the beautiful white rocking chairs. I need two of those for our freshly painted deck, I decided. And then I turned around and there was that cute little hanging planter I wanted last summer!

This is it! We now have it hanging outside our deck door, just waiting to be filled with something pretty . . . and today it finally stopped raining, so I might be able to get out there and fill it up this afternoon. I’ll see how the strawberry plants might look in this kind of planter, but if that doesn’t work out, I can always fill it up with bright red and pink blooms . . . kind of like this one from Sadie Season Goods:

I am definitely going to put out a few strawberry plants somewhere . . . preferably in containers to keep them from wandering all over the ground. I had a few strawberry plants in our garden when we lived up at the lake, and since we moved into this house, we’ve invested a TON of time and energy in the yard and garden, just taming the “jungle” like areas that had become overgrown and tangled with vines. This summer, however, we should be able to start doing a few more projects to make it our own design, now that we have a few areas that are under control.
A few strawberry recipes came to mind as I was thinking about my pretty new white colander hanging planter, so I decided to round up a few that we can make this spring and summer. With a houseful of kids and grandkids for the next few weeks, I think making some sweet strawberry recipes will be a good idea! What do you make with strawberries? I would love to hear about your favorite strawberry recipes. I’m on my way outside to work on those new planters.

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