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July 15, 2019

"Amazing Recipes from Marilyn's Treats" by Marilyn Lesniak

Marilyn Lesniak of Marilyn’s Treats has so generously shared some of her amazing recipes from her blog with us so that we can pass them along to you. Be sure to visit her at Marilyn’s Treats for even more of her amazing recipes!

If you like sweet finger foods, then you have probably tasted a cannoli. A lightly fried shell rolled and filled with a cheesy cream filling is just the beginning of this heavenly treat. Sometimes chocolate chips or nuts are dipped onto the ends. This recipe though is a bit different. Cinnamon and sugar are added to the filling as well as being rolled into the shell.
Shepherd’s Pie is a warm, one-pot casserole and makes the perfect winter supper... Preparing the meat and veggies takes only about 10 minutes. Pop it into the oven and set the timer for about 50 minutes and when you get home it is ready! The aroma permeating the kitchen is sure to make everyone want to eat right away.
Super-simple, this one-dish meal includes lots of cheese with grilled chicken. If you use the pre-cooked chicken strips, you can put this dinner together in a snap! Once you give these Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas a try, you will want to make them often. Your family will thank you!
These Red Velvet Iced Cookies are so beautiful! Perfect for any celebration or just because, the bright color will bring a smile to everyone’s face. Your family and friends are sure to be amazed and delighted when you whip up a batch of these gorgeous Red Velvet Iced Cookies.
There’s more than one color of velvet, and these Blue Velvet Cupcakes prove that red isn’t the only color that makes for stunning bakery delights! We couldn’t include just the red velvet without sharing Marilyn’s beautiful Blue Velvet Cupcakes. Perfect for any occasion when you want to WOW your family and friends.
The absolute best comfort food, Marilyn’s recipe for Fettuccine Alfredo is quick and easy and will warm up your family’s tummies in a hurry. Combining cream cheese, parmesan cheese, milk and butter to the noodles of your choice is very easy to do, and you just might find this becomes a family favorite!

Marilyn Lesniak is the owner, writer, and most times photographer at Marilyn's Treats. She loves to learn new things and is always improving her recipes, blog designs and articles. If you need guidance she is there to help but is the first to remind you most everything she does is an adventure in trial and error. Come visit in her office/kitchen and see what trouble she is brewing up now at www.marilynstreats.com
All recipes and images used by permission of Marilyn Lesniak of Marilyn’s Treats.

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